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Up and to the Right Podcast

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Up and to the Right is the no nonsense podcast where we blend your passion with proven business principles and practical tips. We cover things that matter to small business owners, startups and people interested in becoming entrepreneurs. No buzzwords and no hyped up trends.

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Up and to the Right Podcast Episodes

Up and to the Right | 2017 Episode 04 | Three Kinds of Work

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  How do you measure the importance of the work that you do in your small business? Sometimes I value the work I do by its impact on revenue; sometimes I value it based on how much I am interested in that particular activity and sometimes I value an activity by how long it can occupy me before I have to do something I’ve been avoiding. Over the years I have been found that the work that we do can be described by one of three categories. In this episode I share this and the method I use to try to keep my work on track toward the most value I can. Read More

Up and to the Right | 2017 Episode 03 | Operating Profit Drives Expense

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One of the most common reasons for small business failure is problems with cash flow (not having the cash you need to operate your business when you need it). Looking at this another way… by learning when to incur expenses you can turn this risk for other small businesses into an asset for your own.The secret sauce: operating profit drives expenseThe world of marketing would love for us to continue believe differently but we’re not falling for it anymore… at least not where our businesses are concerned.