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Our Vision for Small Business

"Successful small business ownership is the rule… not the exception."

Our Mission to Serve Small Business

"We develop actionable small business consulting solutions and help business owners cultivate practical business knowledge so they can act with informed purpose to improve business operations & management and benefit from ownership."

Who and How We Serve

"Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work!"

Small Business Consulting Solutions

  • For Small Business
  • By kindred small business spirits
  • Drawn from your Passion
  • Guided by your Vision

Repairs - we can help you fix specific business problems

Upgrades - build on what you already have

Add-ons - analyze, develop and implement what’s needed next

Owner Exit Planning - have your business ready… when you are

Going Beyond 50 Percent is Easy!

Get to Know Beyond 50 Percent

Choosing someone from outside your own company to provide small business consulting may be a critical step to overcoming a specific business obstacle... but inviting someone into that circle also requires a level of trust as well as a good match of personality and principles. That's why we publish content on a regular basis that allows you to get to know us as a company before we ask you for the privilege of getting to know you and yours.

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"When You're Ready..."

Let's Talk

After you've looked around a bit, we invite you to book a free one and a half-hour session. The best way for you to ask direct questions that you may have and for us to get to know you better is to talk. Your calls, our conversations, and our work together are always confidential, and when you work with Beyond 50 Percent, you're working in a safe place. We have been on the highs of success and the lows of failure, regardless of whether you're planning a big move in growth or trying to recover from a difficult situation we understand.

During the Call
  • What products & services does your business offer, and how you got into it?
  • We'll share what services and results you can expect from Beyond 50 percent.
  • What causes you concern in your business?
  • From your perspective: How can we help you?
  • From there, we'll talk about how Beyond 50 Percent can help you.
  • We'll identify the next steps together.
  • Every call is an AMA 'ask me anything.'
What if Beyond 50 Percent isn't a good fit?

We are good at business planning, operations & management. If the issues that most concern you fall into these categories, then we're a great match! If not, we'll let you know that and, if we have a good contact for you, we'll share that so you can get the help you need from the best possible source.

Calling Tools
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Beyond 50 Percent

We help you fix business problems so you can find things you may have lost along the way.

peace of mind | room to breathe | clarity of purpose | and... sleep



By listening to you...

learning your business

getting to know you as a person

understanding your concerns

Then we'll work with you to create & adopt practical solutions that are organic to you and your brand.

We get you!

Maybe business is in your DNA or maybe you stumbled into it. Either way running a small business is both rewarding and gut wrenching (often in the same day or at the same time!).

There are so many demands that it can feel like bailing out the ocean with a bucket.

While you're busy with that bucket you're also trying to figure out...

  • ...customer behavior
  • flow
  • ...oh! parent/teacher conferences are tonight
  • ...taxes
  • ...searching for an audio book 'how to take care of yourself in six minutes a day (or less)'
  • ...the law
  • ...did I mention 'cash flow'?
  • ...yes the list actually does go on forever

Just in case that wasn't enough... the published odds of success in small business are daunting.

You're in good company!

Despite the hardships involved, 30 million of us get up every day and make the effort because we are driven to make a difference for our customers, employees, communities and families.

Putting Down the Bucket

Making it Manageable

Obviously, you can't bail out the ocean with a bucket.

The goal of Beyond 50 Percent is to create ways to help you run your business so you don't have to.

There are no cookie cutter solutions here and no fads.

We are going to listen and...

  • learn your business
  • get to know you as a person
  • understand your concerns

Then we'll work with you to create & adopt practical solutions that feel organic to you and your brand.

Once you're a customer we're on your team. If a problem comes up with a solution we helped you with we'll be there to help!

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