About Beyond 50 Percent

Want to learn more about Beyond 50 Percent?

The best way is to check out the short intro video below (seriously... it's 1 min 33 sec short) and head over to the Up and to the Right Podcast Page. Then call us at 970-989-2507 and set up a complementary 1:1. 

There's information below the video that talks about what makes Beyond 50 Percent different. Have a great day!


"We work with you to blend your passion with proven business principles & practical tips, giving you the edge you need to achieve your unique success and impact."

There is great business information out there. What we do here at Beyond 50 Percent is provide business expertise in a straight forward, no nonsense format:

  1. Building on Your Strengths - we get to know you and your business; understand your 'why' and provide coaching and consulting services that build on your successes to help you achieve the results you want and put out those occasional fires.
  2. English for non-business majors - our material is written in plain language. We think you'll agree, there is no need for acronyms, buzzwords or unfamiliar terms to run a small business.
  3. Very specific action - we structure action to be focused on a single event or activity.
    • Focused Knowledge - learn the information you need to know
    • Clearly Defined Action - tools and ideas that are designed to help you take action that is clearly defined yet focused on your business needs
    • Easy Follow Through - ideas, tools, support and guidance to make new programs stick in ways that work for you

We know you're busy... time spent at Beyond 50 Percent will be time that gives back.

Now... let's roll up our sleeves and get to work!