Business Advising, Coaching & Contracting

Business Advising, Coaching & Contracting

Is an outside expert a good choice to help you move your business from where you are to where you want to go?

You don't need a 'consultant' who doesn't understand your world to come in with a stack of predetermined policies, procedures and plans; run your company and your staff through the "Small Business" mill and bake you into something that looks and acts like every other company they've ever worked with.

That isn't you... and it isn't Beyond 50 Percent either.

What we do instead:

  • Learn about your business (you're the expert in SO many ways!)
  • Listen to your concerns (what's important to you?)
  • Understand your goals (what would you like your business to bring to your life?)
  • Respect your experience (you started a business, you run it every day... you know a lot and you've experienced a lot)

We listen and learn and then begin...


Blending your Passion with Proven Business Principles

It's not just a slogan.

  • We address the issues that concern you at a pace that your organization can successfully implement them.
  • Develop an implementation and follow up schedule together for your specific business situation.
  • Support you, your employees and your business with regularly scheduled updates.
  • You are never alone when you work with Beyond 50 Percent.

Quick question: If we see an issue during the course of working with you but you haven't brought it up do we ignore it? Of course not! We'll bring any concerns we have to your attention, discuss them and either prioritize them within the scope of our current project, schedule them for a later time or respect that they may not, in fact, be a priority for your organization.

If you need some one on one time to help in implementing concepts more quickly or identifying the right action steps for a specific case or situation.

Our Coaching Program

  • Skype Chat (quick answers anytime)
  • Fast Track Client Email
  • Regularly Scheduled Coaching Meetings (IRL or Virtual)