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I host my livestream show "Business BeyonDIY" here on our YouTube channel. This weekly livestream focuses on specific topics related to buying, selling and preparing your business for sale. I focus on practical, actionable, sustainable information. Join me live or find the Business BeyonDIY podcast (audio version) on your favorite podcatcher!

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Our LinkedIn page has articles written with business owners in mind and we post updates to our blog, livestreams, and podcasts.

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As an amateur photographer, Stephen is more likely to post on Instagram for more casual or ad-hoc posts. We can't promise these will be as targeted or specifically thought out as some of our other content.

We do have an Instagram Live show that we produce weekly that is designed to be interactive as well as targeted and informative!

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We're live on Twitch every week with a real-world problem-solving session we call Business Whiteboard Workshop. We look at a real issue in our own business and work through the process in real-time.

Gamers are business owners too!

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Okay, we're not sure what to do with Discord yet! If you're a Discord user join our server and tell us how we can make it a valuable asset for business owners!

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Join our weekly stream on Facebook Live! We talk about the heart and soul of entrepreneurship. Business ownership can feel isolating but you're not alone!

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