Small Business Enthusiast, Advocate and Coach

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Stephen Krausse

Fort Collins, CO

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About Stephen

As a business professional by education and trade, I work with business owners to blend their passion with proven business principles, empowering them to achieve their unique success and impact.
A graduate of Colorado State University's College of Business, I have an academic background that compliments over 25 years of experience in small company operations and management.
I started my first business as a freshman in college in 1987 recording and producing demo tapes (yes you read that right 'tapes') for local bands.
Since that time I've been involved with numerous successful small businesses including the operation and management of a niche high tech company with customers and suppliers around the world.
Business is not simply a job or career path for me it's a passion bordering on obsession. I am always researching new products, ideas and innovations; consuming content through audio books, podcasts, and online resources and connecting with other professionals both locally and abroad.