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Get the Edge You Need to Achieve Your Unique Impact!

You invest so much of yourself into your business.



and yet...


We work alongside you to blend your passion with proven business principles & practical tips. You'll gain the edge you need to achieve your unique definition of success... and stay Beyond that 50 Percent!



Here's how...


Complementary Resources

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Practical tools and information to help you succeed.

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Blending your passion with proven business principles… conveniently packaged for your workout, commute or anytime!


Practical Tips and Short Articles

Please make use of the free articles, podcast episodes and associated downloads & other resources.

When you run into a situation where some extra business help would be valuable... you know where to find us (hint: the two columns to the right...)!


Get a business expert in your corner!

We provide coaching & advising for business owners.

Working together we'll:

  • Fix It - Take corrective action in areas of your business that you feel are broken.
  • Enhance It - Optimize existing processes to transform results.
  • Build It - Discover, design and implement tools created to complement your uniqueness and grow your business.

If it Ain't Broke

Whether we're fixing, enhancing or building... we're tailoring solutions to your business; complementing the areas where you already succeed and not fixing what isn't broken.

As Unique as You

We don't come in with cookie cutter 'standard solutions' and tell you how you should be doing things. We ask you what you want to accomplish, look at what's working well for you and find ways to expand that success to other areas of your business where you want to see improved results.

Your business is unique... and deserves to be treated that way.

Each project within your business is going to have unique features and challenges... those shape the best solution and they matter.

Sound Familiar?

"I'm not getting paid on time!"

"Our order entry (or other) process seems to take forever."

"We're having difficulty keeping track of customers and following up."

"It's impossible to compete with 'Big Box Store'!"

"My costs are increasing but I'm worried that if I raise my prices I'll lose customers!"

You're not alone!

These and problems like them affect business owners in every market, location and industry you can imagine.

The good news is that there are solutions to each of them.

Go Beyond 50 Percent

Let's schedule a complementary session to get acquainted.

We hope you'll set aside about 2 hours so we can take our time and have a thorough and valuable discussion.

This is a risk free opportunity for you to see what going Beyond 50 Percent would mean to the future of your business.

You're ready to make meaningful, lasting and authentic improvements to your business... and we're ready to help you make those improvements a reality!


Complete That Important Business Project

Do you need to implement an improvement to your business but need more hours in the day?

Let us be your extra hands and extra 'hours in the day'!

Projects are quoted in advance so the cost is known up front. Your quoted price will not change unless we agree to change the scope of a project together and then a new quotation will be issued.

Pricing Varies Based on Scope and Duration

Coaching Programs that Work for You!

The Entrepreneur’s Program

EZ Annual Program
4 Hours of 1:1 Advising/Month Included
Fast-Track Email Q&A
15 Minute Weekly Video/Phone Chat Sessions
Quarterly Business Review
Goal Setting, Metrics Assigned & Tracking
Online Customer Portal
1 Discrete Project Included

Hourly Coaching

Convenient ala Carte Coaching
No Long Term Commitment
Quick Advising on a Specific Topic

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