Selling Your Business

When is the best time to plan to sell your business? As soon as you begin the growth phase! In any case, it’s important to plan your owner exit strategy at least five (5) years before you plan to sell.

Let’s Plan on Selling Your Business!


Run it Ready to Exit

Run it Ready to Exit

What's the secret to selling your business for the price you expect?

Run it Ready to Exit!

Operate your business like your ideal buyer is going to start the buying process tomorrow.


  • Better offer tomorrow.
  • Better performance today.

Buying a Business

Buying a business takes courage. You’re embarking on an adventure that less than 10% of people are going to ever experience! Fortitude will go a long way but, buying a business is a complex process with as many details and pitfalls as there are opportunities.

Business BeyonDIY | Buying a Business removes the mystery from the buying process with a structured program; keeping the details under control with the flexibility to adapt to any business purchase.