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What makes the Small Business Blog from Beyond 50 Percent any different than other blogs you may have read? It all starts with our goal of providing content that is practical, actionable, and sustainable.


We help business owners succeed by choosing concepts you can use to make a real difference in your small business every day.


You'll find tips and ideas that you can put into practice to improve your organization's outcomes. These are things you can do with small business resources.


Let's be real here. It's not uncommon to get pumped up about making a difference in your business. Maybe you read a blog post, watched a video or listened to an audiobook. There were some great ideas and you're ready to make the change.

Where are you three months down the road? Six months?

Are you right back where you started? Guess what, that's not your fault. Changing a business process or system requires that we change human behavior. Whether it's ours or someone else's. The Small Business Blog helps by pointing out ways to implement lasting change so the work you do provides lasting impact.

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A Fistfull of Styli… Styluses… whatever!

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I still have my 1st generation iPad. Oh the times we’ve had. In truth, it almost never came together for iPad 1 and I but that’s another story. From the beginning I’ve been following the pied piper of writing on a digital tablet – the reality of it hasn’t happened for me but I thought I’d share my stylus journey and hopefully a bit of insight about my obsession to achieve the feel of writing on my tablet. Why write on a tablet anyway? What kind of result am I trying to achieve? 4 reasons I want to write notes on my tablet and the most important thing I learned on the journey so far.

Stuck Between Wow and Minimum Viable Product

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Starting a business? Reading much? Do enough research on developing a new business or product and you may find yourself paralyzed by competing ideologies. In Michael Hyatt’s book ‘Platform’, Part One is entitled ‘Start with Wow’. Now go read ‘The Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries and you’ll learn about the minimum viable product. And these are not the only business building ideologies that are out there. And now… your head explodes… How do you reconcile the seemingly diametrically opposed views of product development and building your startup? I believe it’s possible…

How’s the View… From Under the Bus?

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So there I was minding my own business when I get the email. You know the one where the sender starts going on about this and that, puts a few good points in for flavor and then… THUMP! THUMP! Hey! What am doing under the bus? I don’t like the view from down there and guess what… no one else does either. Read on for some thoughts on getting back on the bus, recovering from your injuries and getting your seat back.

Under My Thumb – Texting and the Epic Fail of Communication

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IDK if you’ve ever experienced this BTW. FYI I was ROFL at cat videos PPL post on FB LOL! TTYL I have noticed something in my personal communication and I am wondering if you are struggling with it as well. At my desk, typing away on my keyboard I have no problem using professional writing in email and communication. Get me on my phone answering an email in line at Starbuck’s and inevitably I will have to backspace out an FYI or BTW or some other texting lingo that my recalcitrant thumb finds appropriate. Is the business environment changing? Is it okay (or going to be) to use texting lingo in business communication?

Two Quick Thoughts on Delegation

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I work too much. At least, that’s what my wife says. It’s not healthy for me and can strain my personal relationships. Why can’t people understand how much time and effort it takes to build and operate a small business? Can I help you convince your loved ones that 80 hour weeks are ok? Nope – for two reasons: I just don’t have that kind of influence Working that much simply isn’t healthy (as is so often the case… my wife is right) Delegation is getting easier and our options as small business owners are broadening! Read on for some quick tips that can help you embrace delegation and get some of your time back.

If you sent it… sign it! – Email Signatures

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How many times have you received an email and realized you really needed to call the sender, visit their website or remember what company they represent? Maybe… you needed to set the record straight on an issue. you had questions they hadn’t answered. there were facts in play that should be discussed more privately than email. the situation needed to be resolved quickly and waiting for email wasn’t an option. Just a few steps can make working with you simpler, faster and more convenient for your customers (and everyone else)!

Why use an Email list management service?

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Does it seem to you that every site you go to these days wants around $10/Month to do something for you? From Netflix to WoW to the topic of this post Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact etc. everyone wants me to drink just a few less premium coffees. So, as I’m working out my budget and how many coffees I can still get I’m asking myself why don’t I just handle my email list myself through Google where I have my email services via Google Apps for Business? Here are 5 Reasons you should sign up for a mailing list manager and forego a few cups of coffee.

Unsubscribe from Everything!

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Is your inbox overwhelming? Mine too, and that’s why I unsubscribe from everything! How I decide what makes the cut, so it’s time to clean that inbox! Hunting for the valuable customer, vendor, and coworker communication between newsletters, promotions, updates from social media sites, and the list goes on. Here are some quick tips for taking control of your inbox instead of being controlled by it!

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