Small Business Consulting Services

Small Business Consulting Services

"We develop actionable solutions and help business owners cultivate practical business knowledge so they can act with informed purpose to improve business operations & management and benefit from ownership."


Sometimes you’re not getting the results you expect or need from a specific part of your business. Whether you’d like some help identifying the issue and coming up with a solution or you already know what needs to be done and just need some help getting it implemented, we’re here to help!


When the ability of a current system or process is outpaced by the rest of your business and you need to upgrade a process to reduce cost, eliminate extra work, reduce time, increase capacity or all of the above… Beyond 50 Percent can help by integrating process knowledge into your own experience and work environment.


There often comes a time when you have to add a completely new piece to your business. Whether you’re hiring your first employee, moving from single-piece manufacturing to volume production, selling from a cart to an online shopping solution or any number of business components that may come up.

Owner Exit Planning

As small business owners we don’t have the ‘go IPO’ option to retire. Structuring a business to be ready for sale or transfer can be daunting… especially if you do it well. It takes intentional action to remove the founder (you) from day to day operations, structure the business to run independently and streamline processes to be efficient and effective.

If you’re thinking to yourself “That sounds like we need to make this call before we’re ready to sell.” then you’re right. Owner exit planning should start as soon as you leave the startup phase of your business and be an integral part of the growth of your company.

What's in a Name? Why 'Beyond 50 Percent'?

The state of small business...

  • 50% of small businesses will close within 5 years of their startup.
  • 50% of those that remain will fail within the next 5 years.
  • By year 15 another 50% will be out of business.
  • Only 12.5% of small businesses operate beyond 15 years.

Every five years we lose 50% of small businesses. 

Beyond 50 Percent was started to help the small business community change those odds and go beyond 50 percent and that's our vision.

Our Vision: Successful small business ownership is the rule… not the exception.

Kindred Spirits

Why choose us?

  • Small business is all we do.
  • It’s all we’ve ever done.
  • It’s all we’re going to do.

When you contact us you’re not ‘hiring an outsider’, you're engaging in a conversation with a kindred spirit, someone who has not only been where you are but someone who is where you are.

We don’t look back to the days when we could relate to your situation. We live and breathe in the same small business environment and economy that you do - every day.

Our solutions don’t come from what worked 20 years ago. They don’t come from what worked at a ‘Fortune 500’ company. We work with you to discover and create solutions using contemporary tools and techniques adapted to your business situation.

Oh!... and we follow up after the work is done. There’s no ‘bill and bail’ with Beyond 50 Percent. We’re there for you after any implementation on an hourly basis to answer questions and help you eliminate unforeseen roadblocks without additional contract requirements or minimum hours. Quick questions about a completed project are always complimentary.

Let's Work Together!

We work alongside you to blend your passion with proven business principles & practical action. You'll gain the edge you need to achieve your unique definition of success... and stay Beyond that 50 Percent!


Get to Know Us

Complementary Resources

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Practical tools and information to help you succeed.

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Practical Tips and Short Articles

Please make use of the free articles, podcast episodes and associated downloads & other resources.

When you run into a situation where some extra business help would be valuable... you know where to find us (hint: the column to the right...)!

Working 1:1 With Us

Working together we'll help with:

  • Repairs - Take corrective action in areas of your business that you feel are broken.
  • Upgrades - Optimize existing processes to transform results.
  • Add-Ons - Discover, design and implement tools created to complement your uniqueness and grow your business.
  • Owner Exit Planning - Design and implement the plan you need to ready your business for sale or transfer.

If it Ain't Broke

Whether we're fixing, enhancing or building... we're tailoring solutions to your business; complementing the areas where you already succeed and not fixing what isn't broken.

As Unique as You

We don't come in with cookie cutter 'standard solutions' and tell you how you should be doing things. We ask you what you want to accomplish, look at what's working well for you and find ways to expand that success to other areas of your business where you want to see improved results.

Your business is unique... and deserves to be treated that way.

Each project within your business is going to have unique features and challenges... those shape the best solution and they matter.

Sound Familiar?

"I'm not getting paid on time!"

"Our order entry (or other) process seems to take forever."

"We're having difficulty keeping track of customers and following up."

"It's impossible to compete with 'Big Box Store'!"

"My costs are increasing but I'm worried that if I raise my prices I'll lose customers!"

You're not alone!

These and problems like them affect business owners in every market, location and industry you can imagine.

The good news is that there are solutions to each of them.

Go Beyond 50 Percent

Let's schedule a complementary session to get acquainted.

We hope you'll set aside about 2 hours so we can take our time and have a thorough and valuable discussion.

This is a risk free opportunity for you to see what going Beyond 50 Percent would mean to the future of your business.

You're ready to make meaningful, lasting and authentic improvements to your business... and we're ready to help you make those improvements a reality!

Going Beyond 50 Percent is Easy!

Get to Know Beyond 50 Percent

Choosing someone from outside your own company may be a critical step to overcoming a specific business obstacle... but inviting someone into that circle also requires a level of trust as well as a good match of personality and principles. That's why we publish content on a regular basis that allows you to get to know us as a company before we ask you for the privilege of getting to know you and yours.

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"When You're Ready..."

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Let's Just Talk

After you've looked around a bit we invite you to book a free one and a half hour session. This is the best way for you to ask direct questions that you may have and for us to get to know you better as well. Your calls, our conversations and our work together is always confidential and when you work with Beyond 50 Percent you're working in a safe place. We have been on the highs of success and the lows of failure so regardless of whether you're planning a big move in growth or trying to recover from a difficult situation we understand.

During the Call
  • What products & services does your business offer and how you got into it?
  • We'll share what services and results you can expect from Beyond 50 percent.
  • What causes you concern in your business?
  • From your perspective: How can we help you?
  • From there we'll talk about how Beyond 50 Percent can help you.
  • We'll identify the next steps together.
  • Every call is an AMA 'ask me anything'.
What if Beyond 50 Percent isn't a good fit?

We are good at business planning, operations & management. If the issues that most concern you fall into these categories then we're a great match! If not, we'll let you know that and, if we have a good contact for you we'll share that so you can get the help you need from the best possible source.

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