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Show Notes

Monday I didn't even take calls for work and I went from random task to random task not getting anything done.

That's how the week started for me.

Here's the story in my head "This week has been…"

  • unproductive
  • a bummer
  • wasted
  • low vibration
  • hard
  • disappointing

I wasn't inspired for a topic for the livestream/podcast.

That isn't where I wanted to be.

I realized that there are times when you really do have to just put your energy to the task and just do it but also find a way to be ok in that moment.

Let's get into the grind!

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Business Principle(s)

  • Do What You Can (and be OK with that)

What my Mom said...

"Always assume that everyone is doing the best they can."

When I first heard my Mom say this I dismissed it as my mom having unrealistic expectations. Of course, now I think she is really on to something.

The real takeaway for me on that was to turn that statement around and remember that I am doing the best I can... and so are you!

Here's a crazy idea... business owners are people too!

Recognize Your Wins

For me it's easy to get so caught up with what isn't working that I don't take time to celebrate (or even recognize) the things that are going well. They might be few and far between right now... or at least seem that way, but I think we need to bring them to top of our minds and at least let them breathe a bit before we move on to the next thing.

My wins for last week:

  • I joined 1M Cups two weeks ago and have already met a great group of people. This was the 2nd online meeting they had and having done a bit of video for the web I had the opportunity to volunteer to speak this week on that subject. It was a great opportunity to be of service to the small business community.
  • For probably the last year I've been trying to make fudge 'the way Mom did' back in the 70's. I have not been very successful at it. For the most part I have made plate after plate of chocolate goo. It was still tasty but definitely not fudge. Last night (4/1/2020) I finally made a batch that solidified to the point that one could call it fudge. So here's the connection... a) it's a win b) I just had to grind to get it done!

Are they huge wins? Did I solve a major business issue? Nope, but that's okay.

A Quick List of Other Things I Do to Keep My Head Straight(er)

Wear Pants - no sweats, PJs etc. I get up in the morning and get ready for the day just like any other. I feel better and more 'normal'.

Stick to Routine - wherever I can I try to keep my routine in place. This helps me apply some normalcy to the surrounding chaos.

Eat - I'm not good at eating during the day when times are good. I'm easily distracted and always thinking I'll just work on one more thing before I stop for lunch. Then it's time to go home. During this time, I'm trying hard to avoid that - even to the point of putting "Lunch" on my calendar.

Sleep - I think one could be forgiven for having trouble sleeping right now - even if you're not running a small business. In my case I try to make sure I give myself seven hours with the hope that I'll sleep at least six of them. Sometimes it works, sometimes not... it's a process.

Meditate - during the day this is my lifeline. Every now and then throughout the day I just take a few minutes even if it's only five to stop and breathe and relax my inevitably taught shoulders and jaw.

Plan the Day - Right now I'm planning the absolute minimum items that need to get done in a given day (two or three - not the minimum 10). Then I block them in my calendar and work on them during that time. As I write I am about two hours behind and haven't looked at social media at all which was on my list. I'll get this post out but that may be it. I'm going to be OK with that because honestly... I almost never get the show notes done on the day of the show - hey that's another win!

Practical Action

  • Assume everyone is doing the best they can.
  • Recognize your wins.
  • Put on your pants.

The 'Aftershow'

So here's a perfect opportunity to be okay with the universe as it is. I have a meticulous recording process for the show. I record the video locally, Youtube records it in the cloud and I record the audio separately to use for the podcast. When I went to edit the audio file every sound was doubled up. It wasn't the infinite echo that you get when you leave the Youtube window open and even now I have no idea what happened. Luckily the recorded stream was fine and I was able to strip the audio from that recording for the podcast. It's okay... it's all going to be okay :).


What are you grinding through right now? Drop a comment below and share! Who knows maybe someone will have a way to reduce the grindiness!

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