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This is a complete list of Up and to the Right Episodes. It also happens to be my working document so you will also see information about future episodes (subject to change without notice :) ).
Episode NumberPublish DateEpisode TitleIn the NewsTool of the TradeBreaking the BuzzHitting the BooksMain TopicSpecial SegmentQ&A
TBDFixing the Broken Sales Funnel Analogy
TBDChanneling Your Inner Marketer
TBDWhat's the deal with the ideal customer?
TBDIs your product what your customer actually buys from you?
TBDBusiness & Personal $$ - It's a Bad Mix
22Reserved 06-26-194 Acquisitions 4 LessonsMy top 4 lessons learned from 4 different roles in 4 different acquisitions.
2104-22-18Plancrastination(™ ;) )Ideas for Competing w/Big Retail! Competing w/Big Retail (Moneywatch): http://b50p.info/howsme5f9f5-4-3-2-1 Using the 5 - Second Rule to combat plancrastination.Ideal CustomerThe 5 Second Rule by Mel RobbinsOn February 13, 2017 I published Episode 13 of Up and to the Right… I should have known that the 13th episode published on the 13th day of the month was a bad omen.

Anyway, after Episode 13 I started planning... and stopped producing.
2004-15-18Organizing for Practical HumansWhat Emerging Technology Is the Biggest Help to Your Small Business?Bonus Tools From Kacy Paide’s book
Timbuk2 Uptown Backpack
Tom Bihn Cafe Bag
Marketing ChannelThe Inspired Office: Organize Your Life One Paper at a TimeI have three places I really push organization

my electronic files
my backpack
my office/podcast production desk
1904-8-18See the Problem, Hear the Customer, Speak only ThoughtfulnessWhat are the hallmarks of customer service for successful small companies?ACE'ing Customer Service
CRMInfluence by Rob CialdiniDo you have customer service skeletons in your closet? Does the skeleton of your patronage linger in the closet of a business that just plain blew it? For me, sadly… both are true.What is CRM w/Ron Sherwood, EnvistiaNone
1804-1-18Windows 10 is Great... Still Using a MacApple Strengthens it's Educational Offerings.
Microsoft is reorganizing.
Mac OS
IoT (Internet of Things)How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big - Scott AdamsIf you put all the clever marketing campaigns aside does it really matter if you’re Mac or Windows?NoneNone
1703-25-18Surfing the Social Media Marketing ChannelsSBA 2018 AgendaBuffer App
Click Through RatePlatform - Michael HyattUsing, Choosing, Posting & Timing Your Social Media Mayhem.NoneNone
1603-18-18Should My Pricing Be On My Website?Small Business Employer's Index ReportNoneEvergreenThe 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan DibIt’s unanimous… according to article after article service providers should have pricing listed on their websites.NoneNone
Recycling the 4 P'sIdeas from National Be Heard Day 2018 (March 7)4 P’s Grid Action Worksheet
Sales & Marketing Moleskine from Episode 14 ;)
SynergyMade to Stick - Chip & Dan HeathAbout 58 years ago Edmund Jerome McCarthy introduced us to the ‘four P’s of marketing’. It could be argued that a lot has changed since then. In this episode of Up and to the Right we’ll adapt this easy to remember marketing tool to our modern market.NoneNone
1403-04-185 Moleskine Management HackKaufmann Survey of Small Businesses - Shows little confidence in Government ResourcesMoleskine Notebooks, 0.7 mm pencilsScalablesmall is the new big - Seth GodinI'll introduce my 5 Moleskine Notebook Hack for managing and running my business.NoneNone
1302-13-17Three Kinds of WorkNoneNoneNoneThe Lean Startup - Eric RiesOver the years I have been found that the work that we do can be described by one of three categories. In this episode I share this and the method I use to try to keep my work on track toward the most value I can.NoneNone
1202-01-17Operating Profit Drives ExpenseNoneNoneNoneDo Over - Jon AcuffOne of the most common reasons for small business failure is problems with cash flow (not having the cash you need to operate your business when you need it). Looking at this another way... by learning when to incur expenses you can turn this risk for other small businesses into an asset for your own. The secret sauce: operating profit drives expenseNoneNone
1101-25-17Hiring for Small BusinessNoneSmall Business Hiring Template - B50PNoneE-Myth Revisited - Michael GerberIn Episode 02 for 2017 I'll share my three question test for every hire along with an evaluation of cost. NoneNone
1001-13-17Outsourcing for Small BusinessNoneSmall Business Outsourcing Template - B50PNoneEssentialism - Greg MckeownIn Episode 01 for 2017 we look at outsourcing for small business. There's a worksheet you can download below to help you put some structure to the process of outsourcing that fits your business and situation.NoneNone
912-23-16What's in an Email Domain?NoneNamecheap
NoneRejection Proof - Jia JiangIn the 2016 Week 51 episode of Up and to the Right we're going to go over why using a generic email domain, a seemingly economic choice for small business owners, may actually be costing you more than you think.NoneNone
812-22-16The Secret Life of RatiosRatios Worksheet - B50PNoneThe Dip - Seth GodinIn the 2016 Week 50 episode of Up and to the Right we'll learn the Secret Life of Ratios and how they can be used to operate and improve your small business.NoneNone
712-08-16Statement of Cash FlowsNoneNoneNoneThe Willpower Instinct - Kelly McGonigalIn this episode of Up and to the Right I'll discuss how to get the most out of the Statement of Cash Flows without investing hours of time or going to night school to understand the accounting behind it.NoneNone
612-01-16Effortless Income StatementsNoneNoneNoneNoneIn this episode of Up and to the Right I'll discuss how to get the most out of the Income Statement without investing hours of time or going to night school to understand the accounting behind it.NoneNone
511-22-16Balance Sheet BasicsNoneQuickbooks Online, Xero, Wave, Sage,Less AccountingNoneThe $100 Startup - Chris GuillebeauA few tips to understanding the standard Balance Sheet and why you should pay attention to it.NoneNone
411-16-16Working Across PlatformsNoneEvernote & TodoistNoneThink and Grow Rich - Napolean HillAre you a Windows or Mac? Are you iOS or Android? What does it mean when an application or software package claims to be cross-platform? Why does it matter to your business?NoneNone
311-09-16Backups on a BudgetNoneCrashplan & Genius ScanNoneThe Power of Habit - Charles DuhiggIt's actually easy to put together a working backup system that will give you good data protection and the piece of mind that goes along with it. The great news is that it doesn't have to be expensive or complicated and you probably already own most, if not all, of the equipment that you need.NoneNone
211-02-16Be a Choosy Tool UserNoneDash Plus & NozbeNoneEat That Frog - Brian TracyTools are in important part of developing, producing and distributing our products, and in the operation of our businesses and in personal lives. Finding the best tool for your business may be less simple than a quick google search.NoneNone
110-26-16Re-Introducing the Up and to the Right PodcastNoneNoneNoneArt of the Start - Guy KawasakiRe-Introduction of the Up and to the Right PodcastNoneNone